It was celebrations all round for O’Neill’s Dry Cure Bacon Co. as we were awarded with numerous stars for our bacon at the Great Taste Awards.

Two Stars were awarded for the Back Bacon Joint which is the only Dry Cured joint to be awarded two stars in Ireland. Upon tasting, the judges revealed that “It is a good example of a simple product that has been well produced, well presented and not messed around with.” They went on to add that “carving reveals a good layer of fat and tender looking meat which is full of flavour and not overly salted”.

A further one star was awarded to the Dry Cured Streaky Rashers and Smoked Streaky Rashers respectively. The judges commented that the Streaky Rashers were beautiful coloured bacon which is a sign of good quality pork.” The Smoked Streaky Rashers were a real hit with judges commenting that “the aroma is sweet, nutty and full of promise; it eats well, not too salty and well balanced and is clearly a good quality bacon from a well-cared for animal in terms of feed and lifestyle.”

Commenting on the win, Pat O’Neill, (owner) said “We are absolutely thrilled with this feedback and the stars speak for themselves. Our Dry Cured Back Bacon Joint is the only joint of its kind in Ireland to be awarded Two Stars at the Great Taste Awards. We take a huge amount of time and care into creating our produce and these awards show that it’s clearly paid off.”