O’Neills Dry Cure Bacon Co. previously known as O’Neill Foods is launching its new packaging at the National Ploughing Championship this week.  The award winning product range includes dry cured rashers, streaky rashers, ham fillets and bacon loins for the retail and wholesale sectors.

O’Neill’s Dry Cure Bacon Co. pride themselves on producing bacon that tastes and cooks like it should.  In order to achieve this traditional dry curing methods, a unique dry curing recipe and high quality meat is used.   Pat O’Neill of O’Neills Dry Cure Bacon Co. explains “Consumers are becoming more interested in the ingredients, quality and taste of their food and are looking for natural foods.  We dry cure our bacon, using an old family recipe with a mix of sea salt and sugar.  We use 30% less salt than average and as we don’t add water, no phosphates are needed.  With O’Neills you get all meat, so when our bacon is cooked there is no shrinking on the pan. The result is proper rashers that taste and cook like they should”

O’Neills Dry Cured Bacon Co. has won numerous prestigious awards, is highly acclaimed by food critics and is the chosen bacon of many of the top chefs in Ireland.   In 2011 Pat O’Neill was presented with the Food Writers Guild Award from Darian Allen which is one of the most sought after awards in the industry.  The list of hotels that are using O’Neills dry cured bacon includes Kelly’s Resort Hotel & Spa, Rosslare;  Monart Destination Spa, Wexford; Lyrath Estate, Kilkenny; Mount Juliet Hotel, Kilkenny and many more.

The new look pack is making its way onto the shelves over the coming weeks and can be found in a selection of speciality food stores, butchers and Supervalu supermarkets across the south east for example Pettitt’s SuperValu; Ardkeen Foodstore, Waterford; Kate’s Farmshop, Wexford; Wickhams, Enniscorthy; Donnybrook Fair and Cavistons, Greystones.

For more details see www.oneillsbacon.ie